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Robin Fortune

Hi! I am Robin, the Owner of  The Declutter Diva, mother of two amazing children and one 5 lb. Yorkie that rules the house.  My focus on Wellness began after being run down by putting all life's obligations before myself. I was in a fast-paced environment between career, association work, special events, and parenting. Life was always go, go, go. Living an accelerated life left me no time for proper self-care which led to an unbalanced and unorganized life.

After working 25 years in the Title and Mortgage industry helping clients purchase their dream home, I am embracing my entrepreneur spirit and engaging in my true-life journey to help people inside their homes. I have years of experience organizing, packing, moving and decorating for myself, family and friends, so starting my business as a Professional Organizer allows me to follow my passion and pursue activities that make me happy. In- turn I am helping my clients clear the clutter and live more peaceful and healthy lives. 

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