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Personal Assistant Services and Support 

PASS your everyday tasks on, so you can focus on what matters. 
Whether you are looking for help with laundry, running errands, tiding up the home or restocking your pantry, we got this! 

Our Process

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We get to know you & your family 

During our consultation, we get to know about you and your family. Then we are better to create a plan and your schedule that will works for you. 


We get to Work 

You will be assigned your extra pair of hands.   Then you will quickly learn you can not leave without them. 


You get your life back

You will have peace of mind knowing we have you covered. Enjoy Life! 

Would you like some help keeping up? Do you feel like you need more hours in the day? Do you need more time to go grocery shopping? Do you have piles of laundry you think you'll never get through? We totally understand.

Are you a busy parent trying to keep up, have a demanding job, and need help with daily tasks, or are you taking care of an aging parent and starting to feel resentful? There is no judgment; asking for help is empowering.

PASS  will help keep your home and mind clutter-free.

We are your extra pair of hands.

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Assistance and support is available for the following services: 

Click the button below to get started! 

* Laundry (wash, dry, fold, and  put away)

* Grocery shopping and restocking the pantry

* Washing dishes and unloading the dishwasher

* Local errands (i.e., Amazon returns) 

* Dry Cleaning pick up and drop off

* Tidying up around the house 

* Lite Declutter/Organizing

          And so much more!


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